Is Using 1 and 1 Hosting A Potential GDPR Risk?

1 and 1CDN Security Issues remain unresolved for over a week!

1 and 1 hosting have security issues related to the SSL certificates linked to the CDN products. This has been know about since at least 10th September 2017 with no indication as to when this is likely to be resolved.

This issue is resulting in websites that use the 1 and 1 CDN technology, presenting certificates to web browsers that are seen as insecure. When a visitor attempts to connect to pages service by the CDN a security alert is displayed prompting visitors to avoid those pages due to security risks.

Websites effected are likely to experience a significant reduction in traffic, damage to brand reputation and losses of revenues generated through these sites, and it is unclear to what degree visitors who do connect to these sites could be compromised.

Visiting the 1 and 1 website provides a complaints procedure that appears to be no longer maintained as emails to the complaints email address get returned undelivered, and the support staff are simply apologising for the issue and stating that the issue is know about, but that there is no indication as to when it will be resolved.

With the amount of publicity recently regarding GDPR and the recently published Data Protection Bill, you would have thought that the senior staff at 1 and 1 hosting would be all over this.


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